Project: w3 intranet rethink

Type: Service Design

Role: Experience Strategy Director

Goal: Experience design rethink of IBM’s new global intranet including overall IBMer services design and suite of Watson AI tools to better support employee workflow needs and creative collaboration amongst colleagues. 

Challenge: Reconcile need for bold but actionable vision with legacy frameworks, initiatives and procedures.

Activities/Deliverables: Stakeholder interviews, participatory design sessions, competitive research, user journeys, tech feasibility assessment, client workshops, creative concepts.

Outcome: Executive sponsor approval of strategic roadmap.




Project: w3 design system

Type: Interaction Design

Role: Experience Design Director

Goal: Establish a functional design component library similar in scope to Twitter Bootstrap to drive more consistent brand experiences and more efficient site deployments and management.

Challenge: Reconcile need for bold but actionable vision with legacy frameworks, initiatives and procedures.

Activities/Deliverables: Stakeholder workshops, competitive research, creative concepts, prioritized story backlog, UI component library, user testing, A/B module testing.

Outcome: Executive sponsor approval and deployment of websites leveraging new component library.



Project: Pulse app design

Type: Product Design

Role: Experience Strategy & Design Director

Goal: Provide a home automation app experience that rivals the utility, ease and elegance of Nest.

Challenge: Beyond delivering final designs for both mobile and tablet, there war a requirement to create a prototype for CES within a very aggressive 8 week timeline.

Activities/Deliverables: User flows, interactive paper prototypes, user testing, functional prioritization, high fidelity wireframes.

Outcome: Successful demo at CES and launch of app which helped lead to an actual partnership with Nest:



Project: Google for Business template/component design

Type: Interaction Design/Path to Purchase

Role: Experience Design Director

Goal: Provide redesign of templates and components to be used for marketing Google products such a Google Maps for businesses.

Challenge: Align on designs before rebrand and launch of Google Cloud services.

Activities/Deliverables: User flows, mid-fidelity wireframes, A/B and multivariate testing options.

Outcome:  Further commitment as a preferred vendor of Google.



Project: .COM Redesign

Type: Product Design

Role: Experience Strategy Director

Goal: Provide a compelling reintroduction to a storied material sciences brand and solve problems with product discovery.

Challenge: Help redefine DuPont’s strategic value proposition in an ever-shifting technology landscape.

Activities/Deliverables: Digital campaign and interactive experience discovery including strategic messaging/storytelling, quantitative/qualitative research, experience maps and interactive concepts showcasing data-driven insights.

Outcome: Executive sponsor approval of strategic roadmap and initial functional backlog.


Fashion & Retail

Abercrombie & Fitch

Project: Asian market responsive redesign and replatform

Type: E-commerce

Role: Experience Design Director

Goal: Deliver a transformational mobile optimized shopping experience for A&F’s primary growth region APAC.

Challenge: Accounting for unique country-specific market and functional requirements.

Activities/Deliverables: Usability audit, localization requirements, high-fidelity responsive wireframes.

Outcome: Successful rollout reflecting A&F’s core business strategy:


Michael Kors

Project: Style as Service

Type: Retail Transformation & Service Design

Role: Experience Strategy Director

Goal: Provide bold but actionable digital ideas to help translate MK’s “Jet Set Lifestyle” brand promise to dramatically enhance both the in-store shopping experience and sales enablement.

Challenge: Provide ideas that wouldn’t require costly alterations to the store design.

Activities/Deliverables: Competitive research, in-store contextual inquiries/direct observation, strategic roadmap, creative concepts.

Outcome: A commitment from MK to begin implementing some of the concepts in their new flagship store in Soho:



Project: Customer support experience rethink

Type: E-commerce

Role: Experience Design Director

Goal: Dramatically minimize customer questions while browsing merchandise and integrating innovative services such as buy online, pickup in-store, making for happier customers and mitigating costly returns.

Challenge: Integrate a new design approach to online customer support without significant operational change management implications.

Activities/Deliverables: Heuristic review, ideation workshop, user journeys, draft wires translated directly into comps.

Outcome: An overall reduction in the number of product questions and complaint calls fielded by guest support as well as the better end-to-end customer support including post-purchase experiences.


Financial Services


Project: In Control spend management and peer-to-peer payment tool

Type: Product Design

Role: Experience Strategy & Design Director

Goal: UX design and future state concepts for In Control, a spend management app for households and small businesses to set budgets, get alerts, manage transactions and transfer funds seamlessly.

Challenge: Provide an experience and USP that would be highly useful for households and businesses alike.

Activities/Deliverables: Paper prototype, user testing, HTML prototype, high fidelity comps, final copy, vision concepts.

Outcome: Part of a series of efforts that led to recognition of Mastercard by Boston Consulting as a top global innovator in personal finance:


New York Life

Project: Redefine the agent experience

Type: Service Design

Role: Experience Strategy Director

Goal: Make NYL a more attractive place to work and mitigate costly employee attrition by better understanding painpoints and address agent needs through digital transformation.

Challenge: Understand different agent needs at various career phases.

Activities/Deliverables: Competitive research, agent interviews, personas, ideation workshops, creative concepts, service design maps.

Outcome: A clear initiative prioritization plan.


Lord Abbett

Project: Advisor knowledge portal concept with enhanced data visualization

Type: Product Design

Role: Experience Strategy & Design Director

Goal: Seamlessly connect various sources of internal and market data into a meaningful and actionable interface for Lord Abbett mutual fund advisors to better advise clients.

Challenge: Align with multiple stakeholders to agree on approach and functional prioritization.

Activities/Deliverables: Stakeholder interviews, participatory design sessions, competitive research, user journeys, tech feasibility assessment, client workshops, creative concepts.

Outcome: Executive sponsors approved a formal design and development process.




Project: The Vaseline Healing Project

Type: Content Marketing

Role: Experience Strategy & Design Director

Goal: Develop a highly interactive desktop, mobile and kiosk experience to drive awareness of the mission to provide medical aid to those in need as a result of natural disasters or war.

Challenge: Generate significant brand activation around the promise of healing.

Activities/Deliverables: Interactive concepts, high-fidelity wireframes.

Outcome: Successful launch leading to an expansion of the campaign including direct support from Academy Award winner Viola Davis :


P & G

Project: Global website template and component design library for desktop and mobile

Type: Content Marketing

Role: Experience Design Director

Goal: Dramatically reduce the costs of website design and management through providing a series of thoughtful, consistent yet flexible designs that could provide creative differentiation.

Challenge: Provide a straightforward approach that would be adopted by P&G brand agencies when redesigning sites.

Activities/Deliverables: Content assessment, template/component framework, high-fidelity wireframes.

Outcome: Successful adoption of templates and components for brands such as Gillette and Olay.


Travel & Hospitality


Project: Booking experience rethink

Type: Interaction Design/Path to Purchase

Role: Experience Design Director

Goal: Provide a more immersive and effective online path to purchase experience to match the narrative quality of Tauck’s renowned brochures to drive higher conversions. 

Challenge: Balance deep tour storytelling reflecting the Tauck brand promise while optimizing a clear and efficient path to purchase.

Activities/Deliverables: Heuristic review, competitive assessment, KPI definition, user flows, design concepts.

Outcome: Aligned vision on design and development roadmap.



Project: Global property multimedia redesign

Type: E-commerce

Role: Experience Design Director

Goal: Deliver on Hyatt’s “You’re more than welcome” brand promise through a unique visual experience including curated imagery and video for each Hyatt property globally. 

Challenge: Provide a responsive design layer on the legacy reservation website.

Activities/Deliverables: Heuristic review, competitive assessment, responsive wireframes, user testing (remote), design concepts.

Outcome: Concept inspired by Mondrian designed and developed.




Project: Uconnect car infotainment system launch and web dash design

Type: Content Marketing & Product Design

Role: Experience Design Director

Goal: Provide an easy to use interface for owners to understand and interact with the features and benefits of Uconnect.

Challenge: Propsose innovative ways to engage and support customer needs through digital.

Activities/Deliverables: Personas, user journeys, high-fidelity wireframes, creative concepts.

Outcome: A “Fitbit” app for your car concept. Additionally, Uconnect has received numerous accolades and awards:


Tire Rack

Project: Mobile e-commerce site launch and full site redesign

Type: E-commerce

Role: Experience Strategy & Design Director

Goal: Stop serious erosion of online business through a complete experiential and functional redesign.

Challenge: Approach had to be custom due to the unique complexities of selecting the right tire/wheel for every car model and trim.

Activities/Deliverables: Personas, journey maps, experience model, sketch concepts, user testing, high-fidelity wireframes.

Outcome: Successful launch of fully e-commerce enabled mobile site and desktop redesign including an innovative vehicle visualizer to foster engagement and excitement: